Abena Gentlemen

Incontinence products for Men

Welcome to the section of Abena continence products for men. Here we have grouped all the incontinence products for men, whether you experience urinary continence, faecal incontinence, or double incontinence. Abena Incontinence products offer a high level of leakage security and optimum comfort. Our guiding principle is “As small as possible, as large as necessary”.

Washable Products


Abena Gents Disposables

Abri-Man Zero
For very light incontinence
Abri-Man Formula 1 & 2
For light incontinence
Abri-Man Slipguard
For medium incontinence
Abri-Man Special
For faecal and heavy incontinence

Shaped products

Abri-San Premium
For light incontinence
Abri-San Premium
For moderate to heavy incontinence
Abri-San Special
For faecal incontinence

All-in-Ones and Belted briefs

Abri-Form Premium
-Fully breathable
-Textile backing
Abri-Form Comfort
-Breathable sides
-Textile backing
Abri-Wing & Abri Wing Special
Special with
-Additional fasteners

Pull- ups Pants

Abri-Flex Zero
- High cut and a full white back sheet
- For light incontinence
Abri-Flex Premium
- Full range of absorbencies
- Extraordinarily high number of elastic threads
Abri-Flex Special
- Unique elastication in both legs and the crotch area
- For use during intense physical activity

Fixation Pants