The Abri-Flex is unique in many ways

Abri-Flex, Abri-Flex Special and Abri-Flex Zero
Abri-Flex products can be worn just like normal underwear, enhancing the users feeling of freedom and dignity.

Firstly, Abena can offer a full range of absorbencies to meet every degree of urinary incontinence.

Secondly, the Abri-flex has an extraordinarily high number of elastic threads, offering superb comfort.
The Abri-Flex has also been further enhanced with a new extremely soft breathable backing.
Abri-Flex stays in place better with more elastic than equivalent products on the market.
Abri-flex is available in 3 different styles.

Abri-Flex Special

Unique elastication in both legs and in the crotch area provides an extra snug body fit and is the ultimate solution if the user has problems fitting a conventional pull-up or during intense physical activity.

Abri-Flex Zero
  • High cut and a full white backsheet
  • For light incontinence

Abri-Flex XXL1
Article number: 300517
£ 28.03
Pull-up | Abri-Flex Premium
Article number: Abri-Flex Premium
Pull-up | Abri-Flex Premium Special
Article number: Abri-Flex Special Premium
Pull-up | Abri-Flex Premium Zero
Article number: Abri-Flex Zero