Although incontinence is more often associated with women approximately 1 in 9 men suffer with incontinence at some point in their life. Dealing with incontinence can be very distressing and sufferers should be encouraged to seek professional advice. However, even when undergoing treatment a containment product may be necessary to maintain dignity. Abena has a number of products that have been designed with men in mind.

Abri-Man Zero Premium

This product is a slim, anatomically shaped shield which features our air-plus breathable backsheet. It comes with an adhesive strip so the product can be secured in close fitting underwear. This product would be an excellent option for light incontinence. This product is latex free.

Abri-Man Formula 1 & 2 Premium

Abri-Man Formula 1 & 2 Premium have been designed specifically for men. Featuring leakage barriers, air-plus breathable backsheet; along with a shape that has been adapted to ensure a secure fit. This product also benefits from an adhesive strip for positioning in close fitting underwear. These products are latex free.

Abri-Man Slipguard Premium

This product has a completely different shape to the other products on offer in the Abri-Man range. Designed to enclose the penis and scrotum securely within the pad, this product can be particularly effective and comfortable for the wearer post-surgery. This product is latex free.

Abri-Man Special Premium

This product is the largest in the Abri-Man range and is a similar size to our Abri-San Premium 9. The frontal double top dry acquisition layer means extra absorbency at the front of the product. This product would be most suitable for a gentleman that is experiencing full bladder loss. It is recommended that this pad is worn with fixation pants. This product is latex free.

Abri-Man Formula
Male product
Article number: Abri-Man Formula
Abri-Man Slipguard
Male product
Article number: 207203
£ 7.32
Abri-Man Special
Male product
Article number: 300744
£ 21.60
Abri-Man Zero
Male product
Article number: 300740
£ 9.38