Billede af 'håndklæde, bade, menneske' Wash gloves
A practical pocket shaped washcloth. Due to the pocket shape the gloves stays securely on your hand whilst in use. In addition the Soft-care wash gloves are made with an oval opening to help you with easy access.

Soft wipes Strong Airlaid wipe can be used wet or dry!
Airlaid wipes are multi purpose wipes with a good absorption and a very soft feel.

Wet wipes
Wet wipes are made from a soft Non-woven material that makes it suitable for every need and purpose.
Wet wipes are a wiping and washing solution in one product, essential where the use of water is limited or no option at all.
After use they can be easily disposed of in a litter bin (not flushable) with very low impact on the environment.

Bambo Nature Baby Wipes
Article number: 659720
£ 2.14
Wash gloves Molton
Article number: 491912
£ 2.86
Wet Wipes/Plastic Lid
Article number: 659710
£ 2.08
Wet Wipes/Plastic Lid Long Pack
Article number: 6595
£ 3.12
Wet Wipes/Tape Lid
Article number: 6598
£ 1.84