All Abri-San Products from an Abri-San Premium 5 upwards should be worn in combination with special fixation products.

Compared to ordinary underwear fixation products offer a wider crotch area and extra elasticity, in order to support the pad in the best possible way, to offer optimum security against leakage.

In order to obtain the correct size fixation product, both the waist and hip should be measured and the largest measurement used.

Abri-Fix Net can be washed up to 25-30 times and Abri-Fix Pant Super (stretch) can washed up to 100 times.

To ensure you get the best out of these products, please refer to the label for the full washing instructions. These products are latex free.

NB! Fixation products should never be tumble dried, as this will cause the product to lose its elasticity and become ineffective.

Abri-Fix Net
Article number: Net knickers
£ 6.64
Abri-Fix Pants Super
Article number: Abri-Fix Pants Super
£ 11.94
Abri-Fix Soft Cotton
Article number: Abri-Fix Soft Cotton