More than incontinence - An underpad for every need

More than incontinence - An underpad for every need

Underpads have a wide range of uses, and with products available in a wide range of sizes and absorbency levels, it is always possible to find one to fit your needs.

When you choose the right product for your needs, not only do you let your absorbing product perform its very best, but you also save money and natural resources.

Abri-soft provides that extra feeling of security and protection for those dealing with incontinence, for medical procedures, for a wash of bed-bound patients, and for other care situations in and around the bed.

Abri-Soft disposable fluff underpads

  • Ideal for every situation where you need to absorb fluids
  • Waterproof back sheet and sealed barriers for optimal leakage protection
  • Soft and comfortable surface with nonwoven materials for increased user comfort
  • Special feature products with flaps, tape fastening and a breathable back sheet
  • Easy and hygienic - disposal after use


Abri-Soft Washable underpads

  • For everyday security and comfort
  • It looks and feels like a normal sheet: discrete, noiseless and comfortable- ideal for people living with incontinence
  • Made with a soft polyester surface and a liquid-absorbing core for a dry feeling
  • It has a liquid-safe, breathable barrier layer made from PU for better skin conditions
  • Can be washed a minimum of 100 times at 95 degrees and withstand tumble drying










Abri-Cell disposable tissue underpads

  • Ideal for non-sterile procedures such as wound care and blood samples as well as for dealing with incontinence
  • With sealed barriers and a soft nonwoven surface for optimal security and comfort
  • Easy and hygienic - disposal after use


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