Prevent and Protect - IAD (Incontinence Associated Dermatitis)

Prevent and Protect - IAD (Incontinence Associated Dermatitis)

Prevent and Protect - Incontinence Associated Dermatitis (IAD)

Incontinence Associated Dermatitis (IAD) is a condition that occurs when the skin is damaged as a result of exposure to urine and/or faeces. Patients can experience symptoms ranging from discomfort and pain to insomnia and reduced quality of life. It can develop into secondary infections, which require time consuming and expensive treatment. 





Use breathable continence products
Follow a structured IAD Skin Care Regimen
Wash the skin without water
Screen the skin for redness& inflammation
Ask patient if they have pain or itching
Avoid friction around the perineal area
Choose products with a skin-neutral pH (± 5.0)

IAD Skin Care Regimen

With the right skin care regimen and continence care routines, IAD can be prevented. Or, if identified early and accurately, IAD can be reduced and cured. Using different combinations of the 3 elements on the regimen process enables your staff to systematically provide each resident with the best possible care during their continence care routine. 



Our product assortment of incontinence-related products ranges from wash-without-water gloves and wipes to soaps, creams, lotions and sprays for cleansing, moisturizing and restoring skin, as well as high-quality, breathable incontinence products and bed protection sheets.

Prevent and protect your skin from dermatitis, such as IAD at home or on the go with our IAD Skincare Travel Pack.


Each pack comes in a handy travel bag and contains 5 products:

  • Intensive Care 30ml- For extremely dry skin to restore skins natural moisture level, also preventing damage such as irritation and cracks.
  • Skincare Ointment 30ml - Water-in-oil emulsion formulated for treating and preventing dry, sensitive and irritated skin. This ointment has a regenerating effect and leaves a protective barrier on the skin.
  • Zinc Ointment 15ml - Water-in-oil emulsion ideal for skin that requires barrier care. It contains 20% Zinc Oxide, which is known for it's antiseptic properties and helps to calm irritated skin.
  • Zinc Oxide spray 4% 10ml - Protects and regenerates the skin promoting natural skin restoration for up to 24 hours. Thanks to the spray applicator friction is minimised whilst also helping to prevent contamination. 
  • Incontinence gloves 4pcs- Formulated to clean and protect the skin from urine and faecal exposure without the use of water whilst helping to maintain healthy skin. A perfect out-and-about product!



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