The Two Piece Incontinence System

The Two Piece Incontinence System

What is a two piece incontinence system?

A two piece system is made up of a shaped incontinence pad, and a pair of fixation pants that secures the pad in place. At Abena, we believe that a two-piece system promotes dignity, security and comfort for the user.

Shaped Pads

The Abena Shaped Pads (Abri-San Premium has a Top Dry system that provides rapid absorption through to the core, and a dry surface against the patients skin; that also helps to minimise the risk of leakage. When the urine reaches the product’s core, long fibres help to spread the liquid quickly and efficiently across the entire product.

  • Breathable textile feel back sheet: Unlike plastic backed products, the air-plus textile feel backing allows the skin to breathe and therefore makes the product more comfortable to wear. As the product allows the skin to breathe it promotes skin integrity. Plastic backed products are also less discreet with a higher risk of embarrassing rustling noises.
  • SAP and Fluff: SAP (super absorbent polymers) and Fluff (cellulose paper fibres) are the absorbent materials within the core of the product. SAP is a powder that absorbs around 33 times its own weight; when wet, it turns into a gel, locking away moisture and helping to ensure that the end user remains as dry as possible. Use of SAP is the reason that Abena are able to offer thinner and more discrete continence products, replacing parts of the bulky fluff with the SAP, without compromising on performance.
    Fluff absorbs 10 times its own weight and this is the material in the product’s core that assists liquid dispersion by wicking moisture across the entire product. The Fluff in Abena continence products is chlorine free and comes from sustainable forestry.
  • Leakage barriers: Leakage barriers are on either side of the product’s core and provide urine containment, giving security against leakage; the barriers also assist by providing a snug body fit for the end-user.
  • Wetness indicator & gate system: Wetness indicators are a way of gauging when the product has become wet and also, along with the gated system that can be found on most of Abena’s continence products, this can indicate when the product needs changing. Abena recommend that the product should be changed when two thirds of the gated system is full, unless it has been voided with faecal matter, then the product would need changing as soon as possible. Once wet, the yellow wetness indicator turns blue.The wetness indicator is only applicable when dealing with urinary incontinence.

Fixation Pants

Shaped pads that do not have an adhesive strip should be worn with fixation pants. For the perfect fit, both the waist and hips need to be measured, and then the largest measurement is to be taken and matched to an appropriate product size. 

Compared to ordinary underwear, fixation pant products offer:

  • Wider crotch area for support
  • Extra elasticity
  • Optimum security against leakage

Benefits of the two-piece system

  • Leakage:The risk of leakage can be minimised when using an effective two-piece system. This is because it can be easier to achieve a secure fit, close to the body. Compared to ordinary underwear, fixation products offer a wider crotch area and extra elasticity in order to support the pad in the best possible way, and to offer optimum leakage security.
  • Absorption:There are many absorbency levels available with the Abena two-piece system. Our shaped pads offer Efficient core technology for fast absorption and odour control.
  • Overnight:It is a popular misconception that there are “day” and “night” pads. Although different absorbency levels may be required at different times, the same style of product should be suitable for a full 24 hour period.
  • Discretion: In comparison to other styles available, a two-piece system is a more discreet choice for the user. Shaped pads can also be worn with a fixation product which replicates underwear and so appears more “normal”.
  • Convenience: A shaped product is quicker and easier to change as the pad can simply be slipped into and out of the fitting product, especially for those who self manage their condition. A shaped product can also be a more discreet option to transport with you when on the move.
  • Faecal incontinence: Shaped products can be positioned better on the body to contain faecal matter, making them more effective than all-in-one styles for this purpose. It is important to use the lowest absorbency possible when selecting which shaped pad to use as this helps protect the skin. 
  • Learning disabilities, dementia or challenging behaviour: A two-piece system may be a more suitable product for those with challenging behaviour, learning disabilities or dementia due to the changing procedure being quicker and easier, therefore less distressing.

Two Piece System Products

Abri-San Premium 
Fixation Products

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