Washing Without Water

We are all aware that caring for a loved one comes with its challenges. At Abena, we have developed products to make bed bathing as easy as possible; here are a few different tips and tricks to help you bed bathe your loved one effectively and with reduced stress. Good personal hygiene is essential for skin health but also has an important part in maintaining self-esteem and quality of life. Here are some different products and tips developed for bed bathing so you can choose the best method for you and your family member.


Wet Wash Gloves

Throughout the bed bathing process, reusable washcloths should be avoided as they can harbour bacteria; this is particularly important for those whose skin integrity is compromised. Abena Wet Wash Gloves are a good alternative as they are a thick quality that is soft on the skin and has a cleansing and moisturising effect. For an optimal wash, start with the face, neck and chest moving down the body, disposing of the gloves as you go and eventually finishing with the back and back intimate area.




Shampoo Caps

Hair washing can be a difficult task when someone is bedridden; there are many different options, such as using a bowl of water, dry shampoo or shampoo leave-in sprays, there are even inflatable shampoo basins, but they simply just don’t give you that fresh hair feeling without hassle. So whether the individual can’t tip their head back far enough or make it to the nearest bathroom to wash, we have a solution to make hair washing easier. We have developed a waterless shampoo cap. All you need to do is heat the cap in the microwave for 30 seconds and place it on the individual's head, massage gently, take it off, and it’s a job well done.


Washing lotion & foam

Feeling fresh and clean is necessary for both physical and mental health. Whether it’s a chronic illness, advanced age or a disability, everyone deserves the right to feel fresh. Poor hygiene can cause discomfort, skin complaints and infections. At Abena, we have two different types of washing formulas, foam and lotion. Abena washing foam is gently scented and is also mild and soft with effective cleansing properties. It is easy to apply and removes unpleasant body odours. The foam leaves a protective barrier on the skin and contains no colour, or parabens and is dermatologically tested. Abena washing lotion is also mild but effective, it is a great alternative to traditional washing with water and soap. The washing lotion removes perspiration and any potential unpleasant body odours. Our washing lotion contains no colour, perfume or parabens and has been accredited with the Asthma Allergy Label as well as the Nordic Swan Eco Label.