Abena-Light products offer a unique protection against leakage with super soft and flat lengthways barriers. It can be fixed via the use of the self-adhesive strips on the back of the pad. It is easy to carry around discreetly and hygienically with individually wrapped pads. (Except for Ultra Mini and Super).

It has Abena’s Top Dry system, that allows the user to feel dry and comfortable, while letting the skin breathe.

Designed for an active life style and with one thing in mind: Your comfort

Featuring the patented “stay dry” technology, the Abena pad is nothing short of super-safe. It offers a unique protection against leakage and will spare you for “Oooooh, that didn’t just happen” moments altogether.

Don’t let small unfortunate moments stand in the way of living your life. Just get on with whatever is the key to happiness in your life – jogging, trekking, cycling or joining the kids on the trampoline – and rest assured that Abena will never let you down. 

Also available

Abena Pants ProductsAbena Pant Logo

Abena Pants is our range of modern pull-ups that can be worn like normal underwear for moderate incontinence. Abena Pants are available in 2 sizes.

Unlike other equivalent incontinence products, Abena Pants have more elastic threads, which provides a tight and comfortable body fit and stay in place for active use. Abena Pants offer a discrete pull-up pant with Abena quality features of softness, Top-Dry System, breathability and leakage security. 

Abena Man ProductsAbena Man Logo

Abena-Man is Abena’s specialized range of male incontinence products. Adult incontinence products come in many shapes and sizes, but our male pads are specifically shaped to fit the male anatomy. The design of Abena-Man incontinence pads provides a discreet solution that enables the user to lead a normal and active life

Abena-Man Formula provides ultimate protection against leakage through unique, pocket shaped, comfortable lengthwise barriers. The product ensures optimum comfort and security due to the special shape adapted to the male anatomy. 

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