The Abena Group was founded in Denmark in 1953 and still to this day remains a family own company with a friendly culture and responsible corporate ethics.
Abena UK Ltd was established in July 1999 and is now based in a central location at Coventry Business Park.

Abena UK Ltd work in partnership with the NHS to promote continence; providing quality products that do not compromise dignity or comfort. We always put the individual at the centre of everything we do.

A Green statement by Abena

As an international company who manufacture a wide range of disposable products, Abena recognises the fact that we have an impact on the environment. As a result of this, we have a dedicated R&D team based at our head office in Denmark to ensure that all of our products are not only high performance, but as environmentally friendly as possible.

We have already made huge developments towards this in minimising the use of raw materials which has now equated to less impact on the environment in both the production and waste stages. Abena were the first manufacturer of continence care products to be awarded the prestigious Nordic Swan Eco-label.