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Abri-Wing Premium - Medium 2 (Waist/Hip size 70-110cm)

Abri-Wing Premium - Medium 2 (Waist/Hip size 70-110cm)

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Abri-Wing Premium - M2

Size: 70 - 110cm

Pad per pack: 15

ISO Absorption: 2300 ml

Abri-Wing is our premium range of belted products for moderate to heavy incontinence. The breathable pad helps to maintain and keep skin healthy, and is designed with fluted waist elastics on the front and rear of the product that ensures optimal fit; the product also features a Top-Dry system for optimum comfort and skin integrity. All Abri-Wing products are fitted with leakage barriers for extra protection, and an odour system that minimises unpleasant smells. The product is fitted with a soft non-woven belt, providing a fixation solution for all body shapes; the easy to adjust hook and loop tapes can be opened and closed as often as necessary. The unique fitting properties make Abri-Wing an excellent solution for users who are unable to self-manage.

  • 100% breathability for healthy skin and optimum comfort
  • Top-Dry-System for dry surface to protect the skin
  • Efficient core technology for fast absorption and odour control
  • Easy and optimum fit with soft NW belts and easy to adjust fasteners
  • Added leakage barriers for extra protection
  • Wetness indicator with graduation scale


    Belted products for moderate to heavy incontinence, an excellent solution for users who are able to self-manage. 

    Unfold the brief. Fasten the belt around your hips by means of the Velcro fastener. Pull the brief from back to front. Attach the front of the brief onto the belt by means of Velcro fasteners on each side. Product size recognition by colour codes, names and numbering system.

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