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Abena Let Normal

Abena Let Normal

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Abena Let Normal

ISO Absorbency: 500ml

Pads Per Pack: 34

The ABENA Let product range is a rectangular pad solution for broad applications. Both ABENA Let Airlaid Super, Normal, and Maxi are used mainly as a booster pad to provide extra absorption, but can also be used as a maternity pad or absorbing pad for wound care. The fully breathable pads with non-woven backsheet ensure healthy skin and optimum comfort for the user. They are available in different sizes and absorption levels. ABENA Let Normal and Airlaid both contain superabsorbent polymer (SAP) for odour control.

  • Non-woven backsheet foil to be used as a booster
  • 100% breathability supporting healthy skin
  • Different sizes and absorption levels



Rectangular pad for multipurpose use. Mainly used as a booster together with another incontinence product to increase total absorption capacity. If not used as a booster, it is suggested to be used with special fixation underwear, like our ABENA Fix products. The fixation pants ensure a close fit and reduce the risk of leakages.

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