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Abena Man Special

Abena Man Special

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Abena Man Special

Size: 73 x 37cm

ISO Absorbency: 2800 ml

Units per pack:23

ABENA Man Special is designed specifically to fit the male anatomy. The product is intended for moderate to heavy incontinence, but also offers a secure solution for use at night. ABENA Man is produced from a high quality nonwoven material that offers extra softness and comfort. The dermatologically tested products feature ABENA’s Top-Dry Technology which ensures skin integrity and optimal skin care by keeping the exposed area comfortable and dry even after multiple voids. The fully breathable and anatomically shaped pads keep the skin healthy and offer a better fit. All products are fitted with a unique barrier system with built-in pockets for extra protection so you can feel completely safe at all times. Also, the odour control system minimises unpleasant smells. Our dermatologically tested products have been given the Nordic Swan Ecolabel.

  • High-performance core with Top-Dry Technology for fast absorption and dry surface
  • Unique barrier system for extra protection
  • Super soft for optimal comfort
  • 100% breathability supporting healthy skin balance
  • Wetness indicator with graduation scale


ABENA Man Special is ideally suited for men with moderate to heavy incontinence but also offers a secure solution for use at night. Product recognition by color codes and names. This product should always be used with special fixation underwear, like our ABENA Fix products. The fixation pants ensure a tight fit and reduce the risk of leakages. Pull the fixation pants halfway up the legs. Fold the pad lengthways to create a bowl shape. Pass the pad between the legs from front to back. Position the upper rear end of the pad at the tailbone. Fan out the back of the pad horizontally to create a channel shape between the legs. Use the wetness indicator to check if the product is applied accurately in the center. Fan out the pad horizontally at the front. Pull the fixation pants up into position. See the application guide in our brochure for detailed information.


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