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Abena San 1 Shaped Pad (200ml)

Abena San 1 Shaped Pad (200ml)

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Abena San

Size:10 x 22cm

Pack Quantity: 30

ISO Absorbency: 200ml

ABENA San 1-4 is our Premium range of anatomically shaped bladder protection pads for light to moderate incontinence with adhesive release tape.

  • High performance core with Top-Dry Technology
  • Invisible leakage barriers for extra protection
  • Support healthy skin balance
  • Adhesive release tape with names, colour code, drops and application guide.
  • Odour Control

The high performance core with Top-Dry Technology ensures fast absorption and a dry surface even after multiple voids, maintaining skin integrity. The fully breathable pads are fitted with invisible lying leakage barriers for extra protection. When combined, these functionalities keep the skin in balance and maintains a natural pH skin balance. The odour control system minimises unpleasant smells. The dermatologically tested products feature the Nordic Eco Label and are made from FSC certified materials.



Shaped bladder protection pad suitable for active users with light to moderate incontinence, who have the freedom to live a social life without fear of limitations due to leaks and odour nuisances. Easy fixation into normal close sitting underwear using the adhesive strip. Product size recognition by colour codes, names and numbering system on product and bag and product.

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