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Abena Slip XXL2 (Hip Size 170-254cm)

Abena Slip XXL2 (Hip Size 170-254cm)

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Introducing the Abena Slip XXL2. Large capacity incontinence pads for men and women, with a 3200ml absorbency and a hip size of 170-254cm. These Pads are available in a pack of 10. These breathable incontinence all-in-ones absorb liquid quickly to avoid dampness against the skin. Fitted with standing leakage barriers, this all-in-one's are perfect for avoiding leaks. With a super absorbent core, these fast acting incontinence briefs have instant absorption, leaving you with healthy skin and peace of mind. Our premium All-In-One incontinence pads are fully breathable to prevent the skin from developing IAD (Incontinence Associated Dermatitis). The odour control system minimises smells; therefore, this incontinence product aids in discretion. The incontinence pads have an ink print functioning wetness indicator guiding you when the product has reached the absorption level.

Pack of 10 Pads

Absorption: 2300ml

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