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Abena Washable Chair Pad - Blue

Abena Washable Chair Pad - Blue

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Abena Washable Chair Pad is for protection of wheelchairs, car seats, and chairs with Abena Pad – Breathable, washable for safe and comfortable days. The product is suitable for incontinent users. Extra but discreet security with a muted, dark-blue color. The product has a liquid safe barrier layer, which is also breathable. Optimal user comfort is ensured with an Anti-slip material on the back, and a soft and comfortable surface.

    Colour: Dark Blue

    Size: 45x45cm*

    *sizing quoted is approximate



    Washable at 95°C. Withstands tumble drying at medium temperature. Avoid fabric softener, chlorine, and solvents as these degrade the product’s absorbency. Withstands at least 100 wash cycles. Product should be washed before use.


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