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Abri-Soft adhesive underpad with tape - 90x75 cm

Abri-Soft adhesive underpad with tape - 90x75 cm

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Abri Soft underpad with adhesive strips is ideal for use as additional bed protection against urinary leaks. The underpad is designed to reduce odours and maintain dryness. The soft texture of the underpad offers comfort to the user and is even suitable for sensitive skin. 

The underpad has sealed edges with a highly absorbent fluff pulp and SAP filled inner that is evenly distributed throughout the core of the underpad, which provides a greater level of liquid absorption and retention. The product features adhesive strips that are designed to stay securely in place, even when moving during sleep.

Size: 90x75cm

Pieces per pack: 30

To use, simply peel away the white strips and stick the pad onto the bed in the desired location. 

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