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Abri-Soft Superdry Disposable Sheets - 60x40 cm

Abri-Soft Superdry Disposable Sheets - 60x40 cm

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Abri-Soft Superdry is used as a protective, disposable underpad for e.g. beds and chairs. Suitable for incontinent users, but also for non-sterile procedures.
The underpad contains both fluff and SAP, which encapsulates the liquid even faster and keeps the surface dry and comfortable. The odour system minimises unpleasant smells. In addition, the underpad has sealed edges for optimum leakage protection, and the surface is covered with a soft nonwoven material for enhanced user comfort. The use of disposable underpads reduces the risk of contamination.

Size: 60x40cm
Absorption: 800ml
Units per pack: 60

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