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Abri-Soft Washable Underpad with Tucks | 85 x 90 cm

Abri-Soft Washable Underpad with Tucks | 85 x 90 cm

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The Abri-Soft Washable Underpads are available in several sizes and absorbencies and offer good protection for the bed overnight. This product has a brushed polyester top which creates a soft & comfortable surface to lie on along with a polyester absorbent core with waterproof backing. Place bed pads with the blue side to the bed and the white side up.

All underpads are fully washable up to 95 degrees C and can be tumble dried at a low temperature. Please note fabric conditioner and bleach should not be used on these items as this will affect the absorbency of the product. These products should not be ironed or dry cleaned. The underpad should be washed before use.

Size: 85 x 90 cm

Absorbency: 2500ml

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