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Abena Slip Flexi Fit L-XL3 (Waist/Hip size 110-170cm)

Abena Slip Flexi Fit L-XL3 (Waist/Hip size 110-170cm)

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Abena Slip Flexi Fit

Size: 110-170cm

Pack Quantity: 20

ISO Absorbency: 3200ml


ABENA Slip Flexi Fit is our Premium range of fully breathable bladder protection briefs in a stretchy version for moderate to heavy incontinence.

  • Stretchy and snug fit perfect for any body type
  • Easy application
  • Support healthy skin balance
  • High performance core
  • 360º leakage barriers

Flexible sides in the waist and fluted elastics at the lower back gives a snug and comfortable fit that supports all body shapes and provides high protection even during movement. The high performance core with Top-Dry Technology ensures fast absorption and a dry surface even after multiple voids, maintaining skin integrity. A combination of different barriers (visible and invisible) and elastics (curved leg elastic) offer 360 degree leakage protection all around the product. When combined, these functionalities keep the skin in balance and maintains a natural pH skin balance. The high quality combi tapes ensures an optimum fit and easy repositioning. The odour control system minimises unpleasant smells. The wetness indicator with graduation scale guides the user and caretaker to the product with the right absorption level and aids product changes. The dermatologically tested products feature the Nordic Eco Label.


    Bladder protection briefs for moderate to heavy incontinence designed for highly demanding situations and for bedridden patients. Product size recognition by colour codes, names and numbering system. Always measure the hip size to select the right size and choose the correct absorption level to avoid leakages. Fold the brief lengthways with the backsheet turned outwards to create a bowl shape. Pass the brief from front to back. Fan out the front of the brief, creating a channel shape between the legs. Fix the bottom tapes angled slightly upwards on both sides and then fix top tapes angled downwards for a secure and comfortable fit. These products can be applied in upright position (both as self- management or assisted), and lying position. See our application guide brochure for detailed information.

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