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Abena Pants XXL1

Abena Pants XXL1

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Abena Pants XXL1

Size: 150-203 cm

Pads per pack: 20

ISO Absorbency: 1700 ml

ABENA Pants Bariatric is our modern disposable pants for people with hip size up to 203 cm that can be worn like normal underwear for moderate incontinence. The products are fully breathable and feature the Top-Dry system for optimum comfort and skin protection and care. The soft pants are equipped with a waistband made of multiple strands of elastics which offers a secure and comfortable fit for the active user. The products are also fitted with standing leakage barriers for extra protection. The odour system minimises unpleasant smells.



    Disposable pants for moderate incontinence that can be worn as normal underwear. Put on the pants as you would underpants, without touching the inside surface of the pad. After use and when changing, tear open the sides of the brief. When both sides of the brief are torn open, roll it up and discard it. Blue lycra threads at the waistband indicating the back of the product. Product size recognition by colour codes, names and numbering systems.

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