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Perineal Gloves

Perineal Gloves

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ABENA’s disposable impregnated Perineal Gloves with Dimethicone are formulated to clean the perineal area and protect the skin from urine and feces exposure – all in one product. Tests show that the dimethicone content significantly reduces the prevalence of Incontinence Associated Dermatitis (IAD) and helps maintain a healthy skin. The Perineal Gloves are manufactured in high quality thick material to feel soft on the skin. Its unique embossment and structure will wash and retain dirt, and helps to wash in a very gentle way and reduce skin irritation in the perinal area. The products can be warmed in a micro wave (30 seconds – Max 800W) to make the pleasant feeling when used. 3-in-1 product: wash, care & protect. Contains cleansing and moisturizing ingredients and is dermatolgically tested.

  • soft 
  • suitable for self cleaning
  • suitable for cleaning patients 
  • conditioning ingredients

Size: 22x15cm Wipes per pack: 4


Simply dispose of after use.

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