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Wash Gloves

Wash Gloves

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ABENA’s wash glove for personal hygiene made from airlaid material. Airlaid is particularly soft, and therefore very suitable for washing patients. The air-treated material is extra soft and absorbent (6 times its own weight) and, in addition, it has greater wet strength than conventional paper. The reason for this is the added PE film within the product which makes the wash glove stronger when wet. The staggered opening in the wash glove makes it easier for staff/users to put on. We recommend wearing the wash glove with a nitrile glove underneath to ensure that your hands are protected from bacteria and viruses. The wash glove is ultrasonic sealed, which means that it is welded on 3 sides, making it extra smooth against the skin as well as strong and hygienic. It is easy to use – and after use, simply dispose of it as ordinary domestic waste.

  • soft 
  • suitable for self cleaning
  • suitable for cleaning patients 

Size: 16x22 cm Wipes per pack: 50


Simply dispose of after use.

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