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ABENA Wet Wash Gloves

ABENA Wet Wash Gloves

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ABENA's disposable wet wash gloves have a pleasant cleansing and moisturising effect and is an excellent alternative to traditional soap and water bathing. The wash glove removes sweat and odour and is very hygienic to use. Standard use of the glove removes dirt and helps to make a bed bath comfortable and gentle. The thick washcloth textile gives the patient a feeling of soft cotton and also reduces the risk of wash-care friction. You can use this product as it is, or for a more pleasant experience, you can heat it up in the microwave for 30 seconds.

  • soft 
  • suitable for self cleaning
  • suitable for cleaning patients 
  • conditioning ingredients

Size: 16x23 cm Wipes per pack: 8


Simply dispose of after use.

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